The Intra-ACP APP has three geographic dimensions: the intercontinental or inter-ACP dimension, the Caribbean region and the Pacific region. For the purposes of this project, the Caribbean regions comprises the 15 countries within the Forum of the Caribbean Group of African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) States (CARIFORUM) that are signatories to the Cotonou Agreement, while the Pacific region comprises the 14 Pacific island countries that are signatories to the Cotonou Agreement.


The inter-regional dimension is a forum for information exchange between the two geographic regions on the strategic, technical, economic and marketing issues that arise during Programme implementation. It will draw upon ACP and global sources to nourish dialogue and enquiry into complex thematic areas that the regions lack the resources to explore for themselves. This forum will also provide a vehicle for meetings, study tours and other events in which beneficiaries and stakeholders from the regions participate. The Programme will establish direct access to relevant agencies and projects in Africa to ensure a flow of information among all three ACP regions.

The Caribbean region is composed of three distinct groupings: the small economies of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), the continental countries of Guyana, Suriname and Belize, and the countries with relatively large populations (Dominican Republic, Haiti and Jamaica). Agriculture's contribution to gross domestic product (GDP) ranges from a low of 0.8% in Trinidad and Tobago to highs of 26% and 28% in Guyana and Haiti, respectively.

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Because of its size, the Pacific ACP region has a wider range of conditions than the Caribbean, both culturally and in terms of resource endowments, economies and political situations. Although agriculture was the backbone of the economy of countries in the region for a long time, it has declined in importance. It now accounts for more than 25% of GDP only in Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Tonga. It still contributes more than 10% of GDP in Vanuatu, Fiji, Samoa and the Cook Islands, but both the relative and absolute value of agricultural output has been declining fairly steadily over the last decade and now contributes only about 3% of GDP in the small Micronesian countries.

Nevertheless, food production activities (agriculture and fishing) continue to employ the greater part of the labour force, either in commercial enterprises or, more commonly, in the smallholder sector.

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